Therapy Jobs

Individuals working in Divine Savior’s rehab department work with a variety of clients and disabilities, including orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, adults and geriatric. This diversification allows therapists to maintain and develop their clinical skills in a variety of areas. Therapists have the opportunity to work as generalists, but also can become a "specialist" in a particular area to meet the needs of specific patients. The rehabilitation department at Divine Savior has full complement of resources and expertise, but remains small enough to allow employees get to know each other on a personal level.

One of the goals of our department is to be supportive and encouraging of one another. Our experienced clinicians routinely mentor and provide support to clinicians who have less experience overall, or within a specific specialty. We also encourage our professional staff to have direct collaboration with physicians and other disciplines to support the needs of their patients’ care and recovery.

Our patients are “real people” to us; we may see our patients within the community as we are out and about. While maintaining a professional relationship, we treat our patients as our neighbors, as indeed they often are our neighbors. We want our patients to view Divine Savior’s rehabilitation services as the facility of choice should they or their family members need to return for services.

We offer therapists competitive wages and a great place to work, but more importantly, the ability to grow professionally through additional training and education. The educational opportunities allows therapists to gain expertise in a specific field(s) of interest, which insures they have appropriate skills to provide evidenced based treatment techniques.

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