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At Divine Savior Healthcare, the health of our community is our priority, and we want you and our community to thrive. We want to take what's great and make it better, which is why we've taken a groundbreaking approach to addressing community wellness.

La Vita at The Wellness Center is a new kind of fitness center. It's an environment where your health, safety and comfort are priority. We've included everything you might need to make working on you and your family's wellness a convenient and rewarding experience. 

young trainer spotting older man to lift weight

From the moment you walk in the door, you'll realize La Vita has removed all barriers to improving personal fitness. This isn't just a gym. La Vita is a place where you'll receive personal attention. Where fellow members will make you feel welcome. Where you'll work hard alongside others on similar journeys.

With locker rooms, a retail store, refreshments, drop-in care for children (up to age 10) and access to a variety of complimentary services to address your unique needs, no excuses will stand in the way of you giving your health the attention it deserves.

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